Gradual contribution increases to your Workplace Retirement Plan can help your account balance accumulate.


In July 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and the average American had a savings rate of over 11%. In recent years, that savings rate has dropped to under 4%.1 With 56% of Gen-X and 50% of Millennials owning a retirement account2, the race to retirement can rocket off if we set our goals to increasing our savings rate.

Saving for retirement doesn’t have to be complicated and small steps do make a difference. Watch our Increasing Contributions and Automatic Contributions videos for strategies to boost your retirement savings.


If you’re ready to see how an increased contribution can impact your retirement account balance, try our Contribution Accelerator Calculator. Test out a few different numbers, you may notice subtle, gradual contributions can really pay off!


  • If your account permits online contributions: Log into your account. Then, click on the My Account menu. Navigate to Contributions, then Change. You can update your current contribution amount, establish future contribution increases, or both! Download the PDF for more information.
  • If your account utilizes paper contribution updates: Log into your account. Then, navigate to the Library. You’ll find a Contribution Rate Election Form in the Administrative Forms section. Submit to your Employer’s Human Resources or Payroll Department.

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