Health savings and reimbursement accounts are tax-advantaged ways to pay for medical expenses, dependent care and transportation expenses. Some even offer the opportunity to invest your account balance until a future date, even through your retirement years! Learn more about these accounts and their benefits!

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Health Savings Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Health Savings Account elsewhere? Learn how to transfer it into your Roadways HSA!

Understanding Health Savings Accounts

VEBA/115 Trust, 401(h), and HRA

VEBA/115 Trust, 401(h), and HRA Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Dependent Care Assistance Plans (DCAP)

Did you know that you can stack your HSA with a limited FSA? Did you know that there’s a tax-advantage way to pay for childcare? Learn more here!

Planning Worksheet for FSA and Daycare Expenses

Dependent Care Contract for Recurring Expenses

FSA Claims Forms (HFSA, LHFSA, DFSA, and PRKG)

End of Year FSA Information

Flexible Spending Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

Special Features

Some accounts at BPAS provide ClaimFinder, an easy way to substantiate your medical claims. Find out more with these resources!

Save time and hassle by using our secure BPASClaims Mobile App.

BPAS ClaimFinder Frequently Asked Questions


Estimate how much your HSA will be worth over time; see what effect increasing contributions and other factors will have.

Help determine how much to contribute to reach your goal of carrying over savings into retirement.

See how contributing to an FSA can help you pay less tax and increase your net take-home pay.