As you map out your retirement path, think about how your Behavior, Purpose, Assets, and Strategy impact your decisions. The infographics that follow provide some prompting questions for you to consider. No two journeys are the same, and sometimes the path to retirement has an unexpected roadblock. Review these questions and your account periodically to stay on a smooth path.

There’s no right or wrong answer, but understanding your behavior when it comes to investing will help you plan and achieve your goals.
Whether you’re contributing to your Workplace Retirement Plan for a modest or elaborate retirement, or utilizing the tax benefits of the plan, knowing the Why of your saving strategy keeps you on your path.
For a comprehensive asset allocation, think about how you are invested in each of your accounts. In addition, map out the order in which you plan to begin withdrawals.
From taking a risk tolerance quiz, to reviewing your account statement, to updating your investments, knowing your next step can keep you on track.
The truth is, we never fully know what’s on the road ahead. Be sure to review your retirement accounts and your retirement plan on a regular basis. Being flexible and making updates as needed allows for a smoother ride.